“You can live happily in this world only when you learn to perform your actions lovingly and skillfully. Yoga means the art of performing your actions lovingly and skillfully. It teaches you how to live in the world while remaining above it. Learn to enjoy the objects of the world without getting attached to them. To find purpose and meaning of life, you don’t need to renounce the world or run away from your duties. The call of duty (Dharma code) is very powerful. Learn and discharge your duties lovingly, selflessly, and skillfully. By doing so you become free HERE & NOW” - Swami Rama of the Himalayas
Online Class Schedule

Zoom ID: 316 425 2153


Tuesday - Gentle Yoga (All levels) at 4:30 pm

Saturday - Sacred Flow Vinyasa (Level 1-3) at 9:30 am

PayPal - achapska@gmail.com

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