Donation & Studio


In the spirit of upholding a reciprocal and balanced energy among students, teachers, and our shala, our DONATION POLICY is a sliding scale donation system.


We believe it’s essential that our teachers feel supported by our students and that their worth is upheld in relation to the value of what they, and we as a studio, seek to bring to our community. We appreciate your support, understanding and mindful participation in co-creating with us, a conscious community wherein practices can remain affordable and flexible in price while simultaneously honoring the value of the teachings and teacher.


When first setting forth on this extraordinary adventure to co-create a yoga studio that would be 100% funded by class donations, people would always ask the same thing: Can that really work? Our answer was and is always the same: It can definitely work as long as we act together to build a conscious and supportive community.


I have received many questions about how to consciously participate in a donation-funded yoga community. In this spirit, I’d like to take this opportunity to openly communicate and explain to you, our students, how our business model works so that you can contribute mindfully towards the continued surviving & thriving of our sacred space.


Many people have asked if Agni Love Yoga is a nonprofit organization funded by state money, grants, or private donations. The answer to this is no. Agni Love Yoga works just like any other business except for the fact that we invite our students to set their own fair price. Our business model begins with our community of teachers. Each teacher at the studio has made a monetary investment into the co-op to offer yoga by donation. Our teachers rely 100% on your donations in return for the service they provide.


Studio Etiquette:


Before class:

  • Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the start of practice so you can sign in, settle in, and take a few quiet minutes on your mat to center yourself.

  • If you are new to the studio, allow a few extra minutes to fill out the new student registration form.

  • Please honor the policy of silence within the practice space before class begins. Conversation is welcomed and teas are offered in the healing room.

  • Please leave a positive blessing with your donation to support the exchange of energy between teacher and student.

  • Please remove shoes before entering the practice room. 

  • Please turn off your cell phone (including the vibrate feature) before entering the practice space.

  • Please introduce yourself to the teacher and notify them of any injuries or precautionary measures before practice begins.

  • There are a minimal amount of mats available should you be new to the practice. If used, please clean the mat with the mat spray provided when you are finished with practice.

  • Please refrain from wearing any scents in the practice room.

  • Please notify the teacher before class if you prefer to not to have hands-on assists with the postures


During Class:

  • Please remember that during practice, this is your time to reconnect with your truth by honoring your edge, using modifications and props where appropriate, and acknowledging the voice of the teacher within your Self.

  • If you experience pain or discomfort during any practice, please back off and notify the teacher.
    We ask that if you are attending a practice, that you attend the full practice and not leave before its conclusion.


After Class:

  • Please leave the room quietly to honor the stillness of the practice space. Conversation is welcomed & desired in the healing room/boutique.

  • Feel free to linger in the sitting area to absorb your practice with a friend, a cup of tea, a book.

  • Most of all remember that your practice truly begins the moment you step off the mat, so remember to take it with you!